Christa's Selfie

Here's what I've been up to lately...

Founder & UX Designer for Nimble Kettle

A boutique graphic design company helping you craft strong experiences so you can cultivate strong communities.

Associate Producer for OrlandoiX

The Southeast's largest event for digital creators. Three days of celebrating digital innovation, creativity, networking, tech startups, gaming and so much more.

Professional Development Co-Host for Thrive45

A network of young professionals in Northern Michigan. Creating an environment to thrive personally and professionally.

Organizer & Designer for Orlando's BIG Exchange

Bringing together thinkers, doers, strategizers, and educators to bring out the entrepreneur in us all, through a week-long series of workshops and events hosted over Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Previous Ventures

Creative Media Developer at Sky Parlor Studios

A development studio focused on creating mobile–first social technologies for apps and games.

Marketing Manager at Together Games

Together Games, the makers of the Together Platform, is on a mission to simplify the development process of creating asynchronous multiple mobile games.

Founder & Creative of Kaleidoscope Media

Enabling and empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs to take hold of new media, their story, their goals, and turn them into beautiful works of engagement.

Marketing Producer at Designzillas

A digital marketing studio passionate about partnering with businesses to help them create a ferocious presence online.

Community Co-Organizer of Indienomicon

Celebrating the culture, creativity, and talent of independent game developers in Central Florida.

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